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Byaheros Opens its Door for Nationwide Franchise

Posted: March 2021 | By Admin Mel

Novaliches Quezon City - Entrepreneurs and Businessmen alike are in for a BIG treat this new year as Byaheros Express has opened its doors to the qualified public to operate a Byaheros outlet/branch on their own preferred location.

During its first BBO (Byaheros Business Orientation) held virtually on Dec. 19, 2020, conducted by none other than Byaheros President & CEO, Benj Abella Maglente, he emphasized;

"Pandemic or not, courier & logistics will remain to be one of the most important industries in the country to sustain the economy. There are no backward progress, people and Countries keeps moving forward, and as long as that is the case, couriers will serve as the wheel to make it happen while products serves as its oil"

Indeed, we are in an era where fast movement is one of the main recipes to succeed in your trading or selling business, and that is exactly what Byaheros has promised to all its clients, to ensure that their deliveries are picked up and arrived on time.

Unlike other competitors, Byaheros Express offers a complete package in terms of courier & logistics, so consumers only uses one app to get the following delivery service;

So franchisees will be able to offer these services to all its customers in their localities:

Here’s Summary of the Process to Get a Franchise

Step 1. Attend the BBO (Byaheros Business Orientation) - Simply send an email to and provide your mobile number or simply message their customer service official Facebook page and wait for a call to schedule your BBO.

Step 2. Application - during the BBO, you may ask if the area you wish to put up the branch is still open. If yes, fill up the application form that will be sent to you after the BBO.

Step 3. Franchise Fee - since it is a first come, first serve basis, you may only block the town or city of your choice of operation once the franchise fee is paid. After payment, you are only given another 60 days to complete the requirement and operate, otherwise; the reservation will be forfeited.

Step 4. Requirements - submit all the requirements, some requirements are allowed to be delayed, the most important requirements are the applicant’s NBI & Brgy. Clearance. This should help Byaheros identify if the applicant has any pending cases before the court.

Step 5. Operate - When you have set up your store with the Byaheros branding, internet connection, cashier, rider, you may already operate given that your staff has already undergone a customer service, system and process training with Byaheros.

Sample Branch layout


The franchising fee is Php 75,000 only.

Here are some sample calculations on revenue discussed during BBO. However; it is still best to attend the BBO for a better understanding of the revenue & business process.

If you’re an online seller, get the latest of Byaheros Express services by visiting or simply send an email to to get more details about how to become a VIP client, a Corporate Client and it's fulfillment services.

For franchising opportunities, please email