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PBA Superstar “Paul Lee” Officially Signed as Byaheros Express Brand Ambassador

Posted: Feb 2021 | By Admin Mel

Quezon City Philippines - PBA Superstar, Paul Lee - also known as “Angas ng Tondo” and “Lethal Weapon” officially signed as the face of Byaheros Express in a much anticipated contract signing event held in Quezon City Philippines on February 26, 2021.

The Management of Byaheros Express and Paul Lee believed that fate is what brought this deal together. In a somewhat mesmerizing story before the deal was sealed, the Superstar and his team has been a long time client and have been using Byaheros Express as their courier service provider for their own private businesses.

Satisfied with Byaheros Express performance, Paul Lee did not hesitate to come on board with Byaheros Express as its official endorser.

In an interview, the Superstar said:

“We are very much satisfied with how Byaheros Express performed in the past couple of months that they’ve been providing delivery service for my businesses. Yes, I am very excited to be part of this company that has a very robust process, a very unique approach and a laser focused mission into helping the online sellers in the Philippines. The industry is filled with a foreign owned companies. I am so proud that I am part of a fully Filipino owned courier company showing the national arena that Filipinos are more than capable of providing a world class service & technology. Sooner than later, Byaheros Express will become nationwide and lead to the way to a very innovative and effective courier service provider with all the services in its pipeline to roll out this year”

From Left to right ( Chris Llora - VP for Sales, Rey Valeriano - CFO, James Guillera - VP for Marketing, Benj Maglente - President & CEO, Paul Lee - Brand Ambassador, Stanley Santos - Talent Manager, Mel Solomon - CTO and a special guest Dennis Velasco - Founder & CEO of Prosperna PH)

Paul Lee AKA Lethal Weapon will be the face of the following services of Byaheros Express Inc:

Byaheros Express - the line of business carefully planned and built to answer the common problems that online sellers encounter from their traditional courier provider. Byaheros Express offers a lot of features and perks not available anywhere else in the market. In its almost 1 year of operation, Byaheros Express has already received amazing recognition and awards from different award giving bodies in the Philippines mainly because of its dedication & mission to help online sellers succeed.

Byaheros DropX - Pronounced as “Dropex'' is a technology and a new line of business of Byaheros Express Inc. that will connect suppliers and sellers. The technology will open a door to help businesses reach more customers by having their products listed on the platform, hence allowing Byaheros DropX users to be able to sell more products in a much wider perspective. Gone are the days that your business has a limited audience reach. The technology was built to help people be able to sell without having a physical inventory of products, therefore creating more livelihood for Filipinos nationwide. The platform is set to launch in the first week of April 2021.

Byaheros Air - Another service provided by Byaheros that is designed to cater all the urgent and/or rush deliveries to any point in the Philippines via Airplanes. The service addresses the challenges of transporting products in a country which is composed of thousands of islands. This service is expected to take effect in October of 2021.

During the event, Byaheros Express Inc, Chief Technology Officer -Mel Solomon, said;

“We will continue to build & improve a technology that will ultimately help everybody involved in the e-commerce landscape to remove much of the legwork so they can focus their time on their business. I think everybody knows this already but allow me to reiterate that, technology is the way forward, it is an inevitable paradigm shift. The earlier you adapt, the more chances of you to succeed in a market that is turning into digital”

A courtesy Jersey gift for Paul Lee.

From Left to right (Rey Valeriano - CFO, Benj Maglente - President & CEO, Paul Lee - Brand Ambassador, Stanley Santos - Talent Manager)

In the final remarks during the event, Byaheros Express President & CEO Benj Abella Maglente expressed a very important message for the business owners specially the SMEs.

“Very soon, people won’t need physical stores to sell their products, consumers won’t need to go out of their houses and compromise their health just to buy the products they need. Very soon, businesses who stick to the traditional means will lose their business and those who will succeed are the ones who adapted early. In all of these technological corners involved to run your business, Byaheros Express has the answer. We have built the technology to allow you to get your digital venue, we have set the standards for an effective courier process of your products, we have partnered with crucial other companies that should help you get to other stages you might require. If you are a business owner, the time your products get a digital platform is now, the time to select the best courier to truly take care of your products is now. Get in touch with us before it's too late”

PBA Superstar - Paul Lee (speech during the event)

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