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Byaheros Set to Open Over 100 Branches in Luzon

Posted: Jan 2020 | By Admin Mel

Novaliches Quezon City - To address the increasing demand of the VIP & Corporate Clients to widen the serviceable areas of Byaheros, the latter is now set to open over 100 outlets in Luzon.

This bold move of Byaheros Express is a result of the momentum of the increasing number of online sellers enrolling as VIPs demanding for a much wider coverage as well as to provide customers a new courier option in the market, hence creating a competition resulting in a much better quality of service.

The expansion is set into the following four (4) stages, eventually covering the whole Philippines with outlets in 2021.

Stage 1 - Luzon

Stage 2 - Farther Luzon (Q2 2021)

Stage 3 - Visayas (Q3 & Q4 2021)

Stage 4 - Mindanao (2022)

Sample Branch design


Consumers are in for a treat with the services of these outlets. On top of the regular shipping or next day delivery it offers,majority of these outlets will also offer the following:

Soon, Byaheros Express plans to offer its users the capability to order Food, Medicine, Grocery from their local stores, restaurants and pharmacies without ever stepping out of their homes.

Based on the above stages of its expansion, Byaheros is now open to reservation of a selected town or city for its Stage 2, 3 & 4. It offers a strict first come, first serve basis, which means that once an outlet has already been established in an area, no other outlet must be opened in that territory to avoid competition in between owners or franchisees.

Sample outlet

If you’re an online seller, get the latest of Byaheros Express services by visiting or simply send an email to to get more details about how to become a VIP client, a Corporate Client and it's fulfillment services.

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